Hour 1:

Art Griego used to scare his students by pretending the plane was going to crash, because he hates people who think they can be fliers. Phil closes with How Many Beers Will It Take.

Hour 2:

Colleen Kristen Brewster with Freshmen 15.

Hour 3:

Dean Wheeler with Parents & Athletes United is dedicated to manipulating high school coaches. He offered his wife to the coach, tried bribery to place his son as starting quarterback, and even resorted to blackmail. Phil closes ranting about homeschool and the real world.

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    Zachary Hoffman

    “Dr. Ruth knows more tricks than a monkey on 100 yards of grapevine…” Holy crap. I’m dying.

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    How’d you figure that out?

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    It appears hours 2 and 3 are missing I believe

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