Hour 1:

Margaret Gray says Madonna would like to get married standing on Princess Diana’s grave, and supports the idea. Phil closes talking about the show, the upcoming Museum of Radio & Television gig.

Hour 2:

Lloyd Bonafide thinks the TV show M*A*S*H is a discrace. Speaking as a Korean war veteran, Lloyd saw some of the same things when he was fighting in Korea. A guy that dressed in women’s clothes like Klinger had his throat slit. There was also a guy that chased women and was drinking like Hawkeye and had his throat slit too.

Hour 3:

Attorney Harvey Wireman and his client Chris Norton are filing a lawsuit against a woman for disfiguring Chris. The woman, “Rusty Blaze” from a strip club that does a fire breathing act, gave Chris a private showing of the act in the alley behind the building. Her act is using rum to spit fire from her mouth, but during the private showing she burnt Chris’ eyebrows. Chris now can’t star in a porno movie because his pubic hair also was burned.

  • Barry

    The bic pen. I’m looking for that episode where he tried to take his temperature rectally in the dark and put a pen up his crack. That was my first episode I ever heard. Can’t find it in the past archives.

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