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Monday, December 19, 2016

Dave Olivia talks about some New York police who mistook a very life-like emergency services training mannequin for a real freezing old woman and broke a cars windows to get “her” out. Jack Armstrong introduces an idiotic discussion of a computer war between the US and Russia because of Russian hacking…

Today’s full Classic Show feature is from December, 2003 featuring Art Griego kissing and hugging kids and if parents intervene, Art will intimidate them since he ‘lifts weights.’ And, Jim Sadler defends Michael Jackson.

Episode 797 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Man, I forgot when Art got on his weird kicks for a while there. I remember the one about him taking pictures of kids at the playground for his scrapbook – he completely toed the line but he wasn’t doing anything illegal and none of the callers could really get him on anything legal. Of course it was morally gray, but so fucking hilarious to hear the indignant callers getting all triggered. Also, Art was a fucking freak back then, but still. I guess it doesn’t beat Jim Sadler’s kink phase where he was collecting used towels from the women’s gym and then saving them in ziplock bags to keep them fresh so he could smell them later.

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