On tonights show, Phil battled a video feed constantly dropping as well as Doug Dannger and Margaret Grey arguing over Seth MacFarlane with Margaret saying he was “hysterically funny even though his jokes were degenerate, tasteless assaults on women and minorities. But yes, he was a scream….”

Don Micksa from the University of Washington commented on Yahoo eliminating telecommuting in its workforce. Don applauds the move. “Now some of those people will be forced to deal with the reality that they actually work for someone and they are not ‘independent contractors.’ Bullcrap, says Don…

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    B L Owjabba

    El Pacifico…We have a problem.

  • Alex

    @Robert: The “Watch Live” link only works when Phil is live, which is from 10PM – 1AM PT.

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    Robert Scott

    Can’t load up the “watch live” on my ios devices (I have 3 of them)……..its fine on my Mac. It was fine until the last week or so………what’s going on???????

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