Hour 1:

Phil talks about his recent wine tasting trip to Napa Valley. “Interesting Tidbits with Mavis Leonard” Mavis discusses Barry White and why he has a problem with the Emmys.

Hour 2:

“Say No to Seatbelts” Margaret Grey joins the program to discuss her child actor son, Jason J. Delmonico. Although Margaret recently received a ticket for driving without Jason in a seatbelt, she is contesting it because she believes her son transcends th

Hour 3:

“Bridges of Madison County” After returning a copy of “Bridges of Madison County” that was 6 months overdue, a local library clerk made a comment that Steve might like to check out the gay studies section.

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  • Barry

    Hour three caller was pretty good. He said, “what are you wearing, a pink shirt with a yellow hat?”

  • Avatar

    More Boswell!!

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