Bob Ulbricht talked briefly about his security business and a contract they had protecting an ice cream plant from terrorists…

Jeff Dowder was on to discuss Lance Armstrong and his lying about performance enhancing drugs. RC Collins also joined the discussion because he also only has one testicle…

Vernon Dozier called in to take exception to RC talking “tough” about military matters, especially since Vernon was listening to the show with his young wife who was getting turned on by RC….

Hal Levolier, who apparently is the head coach of Bradley Military Academy’s football team, called to give Vernon crap over beating his Belmar team in a pre-season scrimmage, 46-7.

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    Armstrong had the ball to sue for libel. I almost choked when I heard this line. Phil you are an amazingly talented comedian. You throw away better material than the supposed stars on comedy central. Please come back to Florida with your one man show.

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    I could have sworn I saw a videocast link this a.m.; am I crazy?

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