Monday, January 17, 2005

Hour 1: Bobbie Dooley is on to promote the Western Estates Wintertacular, which features a Thai themed fashion show, displaying the clothing the Thai people wore when they were hit with a tidal wave. Bobbie gets defensive when asked about the proceeds going to charity, and says she does not need the publicity of donating to the Tsunami fund, unlike that attention whore Sandra Bullock. Phil finishes the hour with more tsunami shtick. (Repeat)

Hour 2: Paster William Rennick joins the program to discuss the “Holocaust of abortion” that is going on with today’s youth. He says that since we cannot stop young people from having sex, he would rather encourage the youngsters to engage in deviant sex, then to have another “fetus on the fire.” While Paster Rennick is still on the segment, Phil plays a flashback of Pastor Rennick honoring Rick James following his death by dancing to ‘Give it to me baby.’ (Repeat)

Hour 3: Robert Green is the descendant of plantation owners. He is suing the federal government and 39 black members of congress over reparations, saying when the country freed the slaves, his family lost everything! (Repeat)

Show log by Kyle Davis

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