Hour 1: Phil comes back from the Christmas break explaining that he had pneumonia. He spent the first part of the hour relaying his experience. Then David G. Hall comes on the show to talk about the fact that Artie Lange stabbed himself 9 times and Rush Limbaugh had a heart attack. David said that these incidents made headlines and Phil didn’t when he got pneumonia. He said that Phil should have “tried to die” so he would make the headlines. Towards the end of the hour, Phil discusses the Golden Globe awards and other entertainment news.

Hour 2: Margaret Grey come on to talk about the Hatian earthquake. She says that if people don’t give at least $500 for the relief effort they are not serious and are racist. It’s an insult.

Hour 3: Bob Green comes on the show to say that his store collects money for various charities. He says that the collection jars are there so that when people donate it makes them feel better. One problem, Bob doesn’t necessarily send the money to the charity if it’s not substantial. At the end of Hour 3 misc news.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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    This was the first Phil Hendrie I ever heard! Phil had me interested.. then DGH came on hahahaha

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