Monday, January 20, 2003

Hour 1: Steve Bosell is suing neighbors who falsely accused him of farting when he was getting out of a leather car seat. He traded back insults saying she smelled like tuna.

Hour 2: Bobbie Dooley wants Martin Luther King Day to be Marty King day because they are whites in Werstern Estates Homeowners Association and whites don;t get formal names. She hit a young girl in her SUV in speed bumps, and all of this mentioned in this show description has gotten her canned as Western Estates president.

Hour 3: RERUN of 2002-11-04 hour two. Stay out of handicapped stalls.

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    Steve is actually right in this bit. If Roy’s wife can’t handle criticism she shouldn’t dish it out.

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      William, I’m going to take a wild guess that you haven’t had much luck with women in your life. Just call it a hunch…

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