Doug Dannger, gay Man and Gay Journalist, talked to Phil about his new group 2nd Amendment Re-Think, a “confederation of writers and oth3r citizens who think we needf to holster our weapons and take a step back because it’s getting kind of hairy.” Doug thinks a better idea is to pay cops more money so that the next time it’s choice between “some nachos and cheese at 7-11 and rolling to the scene of a bald-guy shooting the place up” they’ll choose the latter.

Next up Justin Macelroy, high school junior, advocated conceal and carry for high school students because he said they are the ones most at risk. Justin recounted the story of a “big kid” who had been dropped from the football team that he and his friends gave a hard time to. Somehow Justin thinks that kid bullied him so he pulled a Glock from his book bag and held it under the kids chin. Justin feels this is the best way to deal with school bullies and “adults that wanna touch us.”

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    Thanks for your write up, sittle, it really helps to get another listener's unsolicited perspec…zzzzzzzzz.

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    Good premise on Dougs bit, clever. It's a clever bit, but at 20 minutes in it's obvious that there is no more more material for this segment.

    The callers were good, but the main instigator of the laughs had to come phrom Dougs interactions with the callers, and imo, they weren't so good… Doug seemed to be out of his element against the callers… "gay man, gay journalist" and Dougs "Gay Perspective" seemed to disappear near the end of the bit.

    The point that Phil used near the end of the bit (more money = better performance) was good, it would've been nice if Doug had more material along those lines.

    Justins premise is pretty good. It's got some good laughs in it, nothing belly busting, but good quality laughs. The bit gets a second act after the 20 minute mark as Justin talks about his generations training (ie: Medal of Honour, Call of Duty, Deer Drive etc.).

    The calls weren't bad, but Justins reactions to the callers were the best part of the episode, as it should be. I'm not a die hard Justin phan, but this was a great performance.

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    Good Show!

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