Hour 1: Bob Green has written a book that is an indictment of professional football: “Fast Lane To Brain Damage”. Phil closes about the best Superbowl (1969), and receiving a Phil Hendrie toy doll sample.

Hour 2: VARIETY.

Hour 3: Austin Amarka is with the Dont Mess With Texas organization and is barring Texans from returning to the state because of the Enron embarrassment.

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  • Van Nostrand
    Van Nostrand

    Hour 2: A listener sent Phil a doll that looks like himself, Phil is scared that the doll might take over his life and his wife! Phil imitated Ving Rhames from Pulp Fiction (pipe hitting n-words).Then took calls from people listening to this show live, a station runs his show live, sometimes. Then plays what the Referee actually said, “holding”, “wife having affair”, “penalty”, “300 lbs of turd”, etc. Football Referees take much abuse, baseball umpires have a union, can’t get into that whole “ice fishing” thing. Has affiliates in Havana Cuba, Vladivostok, and the Czech Republic (wink, wink). Then Phil goes on a rant about how the U.S. is different after 9/11 and how we won’t bargain for some journalist held hostage, talks about “mushrooming” Saudi Arabia, the U.S. just doesn’t care anymore, we don’t care if we open up a couple of silos. A fawning caller from Monterey, talks about whales held in captivity at Sea World, 8 hours bobbing up and down in one spot. Goes on about detainees in Guantanamo and their orange jumpsuits. Ends the hour with a flashback to the famous Vernon Dozier OAKs bit.

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    Alissa McFaddin

    OMG, the Phil Hendrie Doll rant cracked me up!!!

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    Mitchell Fergenbaum

    I wish the Bob Green bit included Christopher Reeve, Mohammad Ali, Ozzy Osbourne, Dick Clarke (post-stroke), and even Stevie Wonder as proof of people injured from football! It would be so funny if Bob was just wrong about everyone! I did love Stephen Hawking being a football player!

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