Vernon Dozier gave us some behind the scenes from the BCS title game. When the camera isn’t on a coach like Nick Saban, whose team is winning by 35 points, the coach is usually “in the stands playing grab ass, having a bottle of suds or eating barbecue.”

Chris Norton, a 28 year old telemarketer from Hermosa Beach, CA, the owner of “Norton ‘Splodes Enner’tainmen” and an aspiring “adult film producer” talked to Phil about psychopaths that prey on single women in the Southern California bar scene. Chris explained that when he and his friends Guy Babcock, Jeff Velour, and Steve Bodine walk in they “chase the psychos out of there because all the women are more attracted to us.” 

Jeff Dowdder also made an appearance to prove to people how similar to Chris Norton’s voice his voice is after Norton hung up on Phil for calling him ‘Jeff’ too many times.

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    sweeeeeet. To fill time on a for profit radio show, this show reads chunks of other people's written news stories, word for word, sentence after sentence, paragraph after paragraph. Would anyone like to argue that this brand of stealing other people's work; their life's bread and butter', is legal? or is it just unethical against principles of respect for other people's work. Hypocritical bastards who steal Hendrie's show are very bad people. But of course those who rip off Hendrie's audio also get someones copyrighted news story tossed in for free too! The irony….oh the self righteous irony of a thief being ticked that they are being stolen from. 🙂 Life is amusing. Judge

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    Quite possibly the GREATEST Norton bit in the history of the show!! Thanks Phil!


    I love it when Vernon points out to people….that they love MA MA!

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