Classic Hour

Phil is whisked away to an “F is For Family” table read today, so we’ve got a repeat from October 2014 for today’s podcast.

Chris Norton fills in for August Selsen on the “August Selsen Sexual Exploration Hour”. He brings on his buddies Justin Butterman and Dave Cavenan, who has a slight problem that threatens his friendship with the guys.

Then for the BSP Classic Hour, from July 11 2000, Dave Oliva reviews the LAPD’s recruitment process and says it’s gonna take a lot more money for him to become a cop.

Episode 682 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Out of all of the pun-ny names, I love that the name “Dave Cavenan” makes me laugh the hardest (and it’s not even a pun!). So good. Love these guys together.

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    One of my favorite episodes ever. Hilarious.

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    The best show ever!!!
    I laughed the whole show.

  • Timothy

    I find myself returning to the “Sexual Exploration Hour” every so often. Just brilliant. “He plays the sass like a lumberjack wields an ass.”.

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    Pure genius!

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    Charles Howard

    I laugh out loud every time I hear this. Dave Cavenan is hilarious.

  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    Dammit Phil, you’ve got me hooked on this OJ Made in America. It’s more addicting than Breaking Bad!!!!

    Great production.

  • Chris

    Chris and Dave Cavenan are a riot!

  • Tony

    I forgot how funny this episode was. Chris’s friend, Dave, is hilarious. Love it!

  • Troy

    Chris Norton and his buddy’s Is a Classic PHIL ! Great job PHIL. Laugh my ass off . Your one funny dude. Long time bsp
    Troy from Utah

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    victor maceo

    wow your lucky, LA may have it’s issues, but what a nice evening drive, brings back memories, so you hit the valley through santa susana pass? or is there another way? you went back door?

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