Hour 1:

Phil talks about several topics during this hour. Including the New York Times, Dick Cheney, Twitter, more politics, about how stupid the media is, Levi Johnston and Sarah Palin. At the end of the hour he takes a phone call.

Hour 2:

Phil opens hour two talking more about politics. He takes some calls. There is As You Like to Hear Them bit. Phil interviews Sarah Palin. Towards the end of the hour there is a brief comment about Michael Jackson.

Hour 3:

Phil is still talking about Michael Jackson. He mentions a pharmacy not wanting to sell morning after pills. There is a World according to segment. Steve Bosell comes on the show to say he’s suing his next door neighbor Roy Hutchins for emotional damage. Steve went to take a nap and Roy said to him “Okay, Mr. Jackson.” Steve says that people have DND, Dirt nap depression. Then there’s some news.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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    Gary Harper

    On the dichondra laying on his back, ducks quacking and an empty bottle of Stoli… Classic line….

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