Classic Hour

Phil’s back, this time for real we hope. Dean Wheeler of Wheeler Resorts discusses his admiration for commentator AB Stoddard and “two 300 pounders going at in the Lust Tub.” Bobbie and Steve Dooley describe events leading up to their cabin at Buttner Lake burning down. And Stephen Bosell reports on the “military coo” in Turkey.

Then for the BSP Classic Hour, from July 17 2000, Dean Wheeler discusses his “tobakie truck” that allows underage children to buy coffee & cigarettes.

Episode 687 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    “Come on down to the ol’ Tobakie truck”! It’s great for the entire family!

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    Great pre-show, I wish I could have seen Thurmond play!

  • Chris

    For some reason, Steve Bosell as the go-to guy on the Turkish coup is funny to me.

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    victor maceo

    yea exaclty bruce williams always referring you to an attorney, no that’s why im listening to your ass, Reminds of your dr. dean adelle, bits, never laying any real dr’s advice out there, thanks

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