Monday, July 26, 2004

Hour 1: Margaret Grey at the Democratic National Convention says the GOP manipulated Clinton into having sex with Monica Lewinsky.

Hour 2: A new segment, “News by kids, for kids”, fails to launch. Billy, a student from Mt. Vernon grade school, just “doesn’t feel like” reporting anymore, even after being plied with a Go-gurt and fruit pop. Later, Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of presidential candidate John Kerry, calls in from a shopping center. With her surprisingly masculine-sounding voice, she tells Phil about a wig she’s buying and then audibly beats her husband… reducing him to tears.

Hour 3: A follow-up with Dean Wheeler regarding last week’s interview about Lance Armstrong and his worries that Armstrong’s winning a 6th Tour de France might fuel foreign hatred toward Americans. He also finds it classless how the cyclist rubs his ability to survive cancer into everyone’s faces.

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