Tonight Bobbie and Steve Dooley talked about Miss Utah’s “Flub Up 2013” as they called it. They felt that the “Flub Up” took away from the win by Erin Brady, Miss Wherever, they couldn’t even remember…

Harvey Weirman and Jeff Dowdder came on the show. Jeff was over cleaning Harvey’s pool and Harvey wanted to make sure Jeff got the dead gopher out of the pool unless “you want my granddaughter to get bubonic plague!”

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police talked about searching for Kory Avena, a notorious gangster from LA’s south bay, by digging up vacant lots ala Jimmy Hoffa only to find out he was in Mexico.

Vernon Dozier joined the show to defend his wife Trudy who was on the Jeff Foxworthy Show “Do You Know More Than A Fifth Grader” and got her ass handed to her.

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  • John Regan
    John Regan

    IRONSWINE!!!!!!! (Naomi)

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Bobbie and Steve were funny.

  • Avatar
    William Crane

    Uhhh, Will, you might want to listen to last weeks shows, maybe tues or Wednesday. Phil explains his “love” for those thieving pieces of excrement known as Iheart Radio.
    Best summed up by “Why pay an artist for every broadcast of their performance when you can just pirate it and put it on the internet”

    Their pricks

  • Will Robles
    Will Robles

    Hey Phil great show as always. are you on iheart radio? just wondering because i went to your affiliates page and could not find you on those stations. Please keep us informed. thank you

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