The panel began discussing with Phil his tendency to make funny and playful noises when pronouncing certain words and the possibility the audience will call in or email worried that Phil is exhibiting early signs of Lou Gehrig’s disease. General Shaw then did his impression of Lou Gehrig giving his “luckiest man on the face of the earth speech” with his voice gradually slurring into an incomprehensible grunt which Margaret found very funny….

Ted Bell from Ted’s of Beverly Hills discussed the Hollywood Improv show (this coming Thursday) and his idea of thanking the staff and management of the club by using fake names since “no one would be any the wiser.” He crap-canned the idea after Phil told him the people managing the club know what their real names are and would take offense.

Phil discussed the drawbacks and advantages of driving California’s coast highway prompting a memory from Margaret of having done just that with Frank “and it was HELL. And stopping at all those little restaurants that serve calamari. They can all go to hell on a shutter!”

Episode 133 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Roger Bishop

    Well when I read the synopsis of the show I was having hopes it might be a good one for a change. But after seeing these couple of reviews my hope has dwindled a bit.
    Oh well, let us check it out.

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    Herb Sewell

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