By request, Dr Ed Elcott returns with news about the controversial Redeem Mud Puddles. Along with Jazzbo Reynolds, Beans Halberstam, and the Overlords.

Episode 407 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    My whole family was LEVELED because I missed an Elcott podcast
    THANKS ALOT!!!!!

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    that guy does sound like Chris Pootay. very good

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Wow Bean was soooo funny and Jazzbo sounds like Chris Pootay

  • Rogelio Campos Jr
    Rogelio Campos Jr

    Phil … Please do not let Thunder get a taste of fame. It can be addicting. Not that I know anything about being famous.

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    REally good show.

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    Everett Cook

    Amazing how many Phil fans are Art Bell fans..I guess good radio is good radio (BTW Art even used to say not to believe everything on his show)…and a mouse left at your feet is a gift, or could be the cat saying “these things are running around everywhere what are you going to do about it”…I really doubt it’s any kind of progress report…

  • Andy Hatton
    Andy Hatton

    This was maybe my favorite Elcott episode so far. All Hail Elcott

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    In the words of Bud Dickman – “Phil you is the man or you be the man”

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    Charles Schmidt

    I spit tea all over my desk when Elcott started singing! fucking great stuff

  • David Comaty
    David Comaty

    Love Elcott! Can’t get enough!!!!!! I no do drugs no more

  • Andrew Massaua
    Andrew Massaua

    My dumb Elcott the next step thought: Bud once sat in with Rudy (at your behest) when Rudy guest hosted (last Christmas?) Bud “ran the board” for him. I would love for Dr. Elcott’s normal helper to be off somewhere ascending to a preserve, resulting in Bud having to fill in for him. Bud would make inappropriate jokes and laugh a lot resulting in leveling after hilarious leveling. The leveling could even have a ‘Flowers for Algernon” effect on Bud’s metal plate and make him smart for a time. The interactions between Bud and Beans Halperstam would also be great. Ignore me if it sucks. Signed, worlds biggest Dickman fan.

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      Dean Vendouris

      Great post Andrew. Would be a great segment/show.

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    Paul Dintino

    You are the man. I are happy!

  • Victoria Thomas
    Victoria Thomas

    Phil, I and others are requesting Art Bell to do a show with you.
    He has finally seen the light and is embracing the digital age.

    Anyone out there familiar with Art Bell, search Phil’s archive. You will LYAO.

    • gregory church
      gregory church

      Phil doing Art are my Favs,along with Jay Santos. I sent a message to Alex,to have him tell Phil,so hopefully something will happen!!

    • Bonnie

      I would love for Phil to do Art again. I have a whole ipod full of Art bits.

    • alex

      General Johnson Jameson, Peenman, etc!!!

      make it happen 😀

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