The last of our third shift shows saw Phil talking briefly with David G. Hall about an article Phil read from Variety on how radio is “digging its own grave” by not being culturally aware. David once again did not want Phil speaking badly about radio because it reflects on David and his ability to get someone else to buy a round of drinks at radio conventions.

Frank Grey came on to try and explain why it is the San Francisco Giant colors of orange and black represent the walking dead.

And Father James McQuarters doesn’t want anyone getting any bright ideas about the Wallenda Grand Canyon walk, thinking God will just send your ass though any stunt, no matter the danger, all safe and squeaky clean.

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    Leia Martin

    Still reeling from Monday night’s show. I can’t believe Bobbie/Bud/Margret and Phil mentioned me (LD Martin) on the air. My family and I laughed to tears. We love you, you have saved us from countless miseries that that bastard “Life” throws at each one of us. Sincerely,
    LD Martin. (Now an actual face on the book).

    PS Margret, I am at a loss for words in regards to how to thank you for agreeing that I got one up on Bobbie. (Oh my God, I’m turning into Karen. Sorry.)

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