Monday, June 30, 2003

HR 1 – Sports Illustrated is overrated. Phil talks about sports and serial killers. Phil talks about at-home fireworks. Phil talks about the Iraq war and politics.
HR 2 – Phil does not like the Caribbean and wants to bomb it. (There’s a reason why Jamaicans are disliked by all other Caribbean islands…) Phil continues to talk about the experience he had when he went on a Disney cruise. A caller calls in with guff about Phil’s rant against Mel Gibson.
HR 3 – Phil discusses the Supreme Court striking down the anti-sodomy laws with Bobbie Dooley and how it means a lot for the advancement of women.  Phil talks again about his Disney cruise.


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    It turns out the movie was amazing and moving and did not denigrate the Jewish people. I felt sorry for the way you
    treated the lady who called in to defend it and Gibson.

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      Agreed. When the show moved from comedy to angry rants I left. Nice to be able to find some of the classic bits though.

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