We had Larry Grover come on tonight to briefly comment on the confession of Jaron Ven Der Sloot to murdering a woman in Peru. Larry doesn’t know why it took some Peruvian cops to break the case when the Americans should have. Phil points out to Larry the Americans had no jurisdiction but Larry says they could have made a “jurisdictional request.” Bullshit.

Then Steve Bosell of Corona, California was interviewed by Phil. Mr. Bosell is suing a private swim club for not providing a swim suit that would stay on during a 50 meter race. Mr. Bosell engaged in an informal race with a friend at the pool and his suit slid down to his ankles. In order to “show Mr. Huggins (the friend) what he did to me” Mr. Bosell got out of the water with his suit half off exposing himself to the wives and daughters of both men. Also Mr. Bosell included in his suit memebers of both families for laughing at him. Later on, in our “As You Like To Here Them” segment, Helen Thomas told Phil she doesn’t like Jews but she didn’t know that was anti-Semitic and Sandra Bullock explained why, as one of Hollywoods loveliest and most talented women, she married into white trash.

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  • blouseclowns

    goddamn right! 6.95 a month {or less} for this show is a bargain, not to be messed with. easily worth double.

  • Avatar

    What the hell does Elton John care – he’s legally in a gay marriage.

    I just want gay couples to have the same options as straight ones, no matter what it’s called.

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    I love it when your guests burp, OMFG.

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