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Monday, March 14, 2005

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Hour One:

David G. Hall and Dr. Jim Sadler come on the show to discuss the difference between a woman being sexually harassed by a husbands boss and when the said boss is simply groping innocently. The innocent grope, according to Dr. Sadler, may do a man's career a world of good if he can just sit back and watch it happening in a relaxed mood as if he is "looking at a sunset."

Hour Two:

Father James McQuarters talks about the current Lent season and how its tough "eating, sleeping and crapping a particular sermon for weeks" and then delivering it on a Sunday when there are mentally disabled people in the congregation and hearing them make loud mooing and squealing sounds. He proposes gagging them with a rag or tape.

Hour Three:

Darren Flew on Pet Talk interviews a cat named Ruffles that is currently living in a "cat rescue shelter." Ruffles says he was much happier out in the alley nailing every female in heat. He says the day some old lady comes into the shelter to "rescue" him and take him home, he'll go for her face. Phil then mentions how sad it is the know Heineken is going to make a "low-carb" beer. We then play a listener flashback featuring Chris Norton and how you can't really prosecute a teacher for having sex with her student....if she's hot. Then, it's the Comb-Over Boy Show. 'Boy is talking about how embarrassing it was being on the same panel as Phil at the R&R convention last Thursday and having Phil wipe the floor with him. Pederast-turned-News Commentator Herb Sewell comes on with his Michael Jackson Report and then its Buds Most Radical NASCAR Accidents, recapping the UAW-Daimler/Chrysler 400 in 'Vegas.


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