Hour 1:

Steve Bosell is suing Las Vegas. He says he has gone there with the sole intention of going to his hotel room, taking a shower, putting on a nice cardigan sweater and a pair of Dockers and going down stairs to the tables to play black jack and drink ice water. But no sooner does he get off the plane then the doorman at the hotel is “sending messages telepathically” telling him to go to Olympic Gardens where Steve proceeds to get drunk and drop 1500 bucks on lap dances.

Hour 2:

Vernon Dozier listened as a female student told him she and her boyfriend were experimenting sexually and that she was afraid of getting pregnant. Vernon tells Phil that “naturally I got aroused” and that she found out because “I was wearing Spandex cycling shorts” but that he wanted to help her. He advised her to try “the back door.”

Hour 3:

Clara Bingham plays cow sound effects, laugh tracks and other insulting noises when overweight children come on campus in order to get them to cry to their parents about it. It’s then that Clara can confront these parents who, with every plate of flapjacks they serve, say “I Hate You” to their children.

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