Hour 1:

High school teacher Clara Bingham did not think this years prom queen was a good representation of their school. Mrs.Bingham explains why she dumped a bucket of spoiled milk on the girl when her named was announced.

Hour 2:

Phil welcomes General Gayland Shaw, author of a new book titled “Who Is Jimmy Hoffa?” Gayland says that Jimmy Hoffa was a bit of an enigma, and we don’t really know who he was or what he did.

Hour 3:

Phil rants about LSD flashbacks, the “Preacher” comic series, and various conspiracy theories. Lil’ Ian Anderson calls in to talk about Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards new brain transplant. Mavis Leonard discusses and sings some of the old negro spirituals listed on Frank Gray calls in to discuss last nights episode of Sopranos.

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    Don Sloan

    Hr 1: Burb Billy… LMMFAO!!! Great display of Clara’s charm.

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