Classic Hour

Today’s “Best Of” podcast originally aired on April 22nd, 2015.

The Bermuda Triangle, Kenny Slag’s Principles for Abundance, Kevin Coneal’s Real Estate on the Line, and Steve Dooley rupturing himself in the gym are all a part of the carnival of weird that makes up today’s show.

Then for the BSP Classic Hour, Mavis Leonard joins the program. She turned her grandson onto the Playboy channel after she caught him masturbating to a Macy’s brazier ad.

Episode 647 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    o m g!! recent shows are soooo nutty!! <3 them! dying of laughter… but still alive.

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    Phil, would you please book “Hef Hefner and The Rabbit Women” for HendrieCON? We need to hear from this music group. Perhaps they could be a guest house band for the Wheeler Resort.

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    Joe Singleton

    Man! Do I miss Kevin Coneal’s ‘Real Estate on the Line’. Bring him back Phil!

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    Don MacDonald

    Hey Phil, this pertains to a few shows ago but I started listening to the podcast (Sleep With Me…) that you said Lauren listens to and I have to say it really works. The guy is really out there but his voice is so measured that it almost becomes hypnotic after a little while. Although, if Bud ever put out a similar podcast I would listen to it as well (“…and then I picked my nose…”). Love Bud!

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    Will Winslow Tuffrey’s greatest hits be available from the Phil Hendrie store? #CertifiedGold

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