It’s a Memorial Day Lloyd-Off with Koren War vet Lloyd Bonafide. First he deals with running over someone, confident any judge will give him probation because he’s old. Then, for some convoluted reason he gets irate at an Asian-American kid for wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey.

Episode 387 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    We’re seniors and we’re sorry..😆😆

  • John In LA
    John In LA

    D-Day car pull is a timeless classic – especially the part where Lloyd’s neighbor is yelling at him from his front porch…..”we can’t all be heroes” “…you think I’m pulling my thing?” classic!

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    Richard Knight

    Bring Back Caruthers

  • John Burkett
    John Burkett

    You put a belt sander on my Winnebago…I will tear your eyes out and have sex with your skull..

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    jason bell

    Lloyd wakes up with fists full of chest hair.

  • Richie Miller
    Richie Miller

    Lloyd once complained about women rollerblading along the PCH in their spandex. I hope that one still exists too.

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    Andrew Voyer

    I love the one when he gets a cup thrown at him while doing an Elvis impersonation for all the WW2 widows. That is one of the best Loyds around.

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    nick massanti

    A real american hero. Thank you for your service Lloyd.

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