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Monday, May 28, 2018

“Elcott: The Next Step” features Dr Elcott with OverLord Sonny Boy Unger along with a guest and an Arbuckle, which is an Elcott demon. Yeah, that’s right.

The BSP Classic Show is from January 2003. Steve Bosell and his church group are going door to door asking to see family photo albums so they can remove pictures of babies in bathtubs and other allegedly lewd content. Vernon Dozier is a high school coach who says football players should never cry — also he prayed once for victory because his wife promised exotic sex, and they lost.

Episode 1167 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    robert sears

    why so hard to find a login page?

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    jason bell

    As much as I love the classic characters and panel format, this and ‘Bob Green Today’ are becoming some of my favorites. Damn funny!

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    Best Elcott yet … man brilliant comedy. I was laughing the entire show and literally twice back to back because it was so good. Great show.

  • Tensai

    This was the strangest ELCOTT yet. We need to know more about the ELCOTT mindbrain

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    ‘Oh Well’ is perfect intro music… from one of the all time great 60’s albums: Then Play On by Fleetwood Mac & Peter Green! Thanks, Phil!!

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