Professor Emory Clayton tries to defend hearing impaired host Debbie Daley from rabid conservative Larry Grover but it doesn’t go over too good….

Later on Dr. Jim Sadler tries psychoanalyzing Phil but only winds up being taken apart by Margaret and Bud….

Jeff Dowdder comments on the passing of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman by remembering Sweet Bacon Wrapped Vennison’s bass guitar and French Horn player Greasy Costello whose death had nothing to do with Hannemans.

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  • Steven Swoyer
    Steven Swoyer


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    Erik Lotspeich

    So how can “hearing impaired” Debbie hear others so easily? Because if she could, wouldn’t her voice be able to improve? Of course, this is part of what makes her character hilarious and absurd.

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    timothy markus

    Am I the only one left?

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