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Monday, May 7, 2018

Encore from May 2017. Happy Monday. Phil greets the panel after a Kentucky Derby weekend and they immediately call Dr. Sadler because Phil doesn’t look too good. Chris Norton makes a return visit to talk about his latest adult film idea… Marie Le Pen (but not really her) costars with Chris aka Rex Rodd in ‘Rex Rod’s Rod.’

The BSP Classic is from August 2005. Steve Bosell is suing Coppertone because Roy Hutchins saw it dripping from his wife’s face and decided to make a joke.

Episode 1152 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Matt Stimson
    Matt Stimson

    Everybody chill. I think Phil hurt his back. Back problems are no joke. If you have ever had back surgery you know what I am talking about. It can be an absolute hell the likes of which you never fucking imagined.

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson

    I’ve been a BSP member since the 90’s. If you break down what you pay per show, New or old, it’s a great value. Having been in radio for over 35 years and. A standup comedian the same amount time, I can’t fathom how he comes up with the new material and characters he does. Well done Phil. Hope you come to Indianapolis one day. The St Elmo’s dinner is on me.

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    Wtf why do I now have to sign on all the time?

  • Mumblix Grumph
    Mumblix Grumph

    A BSP to The Phil Hendrie Show gives you access to 782,000 hours of old shows and that comes in really handy because Phil rarely shows up to do new stuff anymore, so pay up, sucker”

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    mike loprete

    Agree. Encores at least 75% of shows. Why am I paying?

  • bobrod

    Why so many old SHOWS????I don,t need this CRAPPP

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    I’m cool with it.

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    Phil been a BS member going on 4 years. Please know if this is the direction you’ve decided to go on.

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      Hi William, its Phil here, yes this is the the direction Im going.

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