Classic Hour

Pete Bone, host of the controversial talk show Pete Bone Rising, celebrates Elvis Shurrock becoming the presumptive nominee of the Ganglica Party. With guests Elvis Shurrock and Shurrock campaign media director Pee Wee Brown.

Then for the BSP Classic Hour from May 2000, Pastor William Rennick joins the program. He believes the Million Mom March is simply a bunch of white women stealing Louis Farrakhan’s idea of the Million Man March.

Episode 637 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Hey Phil….sorry about my previous criticism , after today’s show I realize I was too hard on the Bone. Brilliant show today. Truth is stranger than fiction. Thanks Phil

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    After 8 years of Obama,, America needs a good Bone…

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    listen America,, Bone stands up , for you….

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    this country needs more Bone, Dickberger and Elvis

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    Randy needs to invite Pete Bone outside and kick his ass.

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    My God, you are so inventive and hilarious–no matter how much Trump makes my skin crawl, your Elvis Chiraq version of him gives me a reason to laugh about it. And making the name of the show “Pete Bone Rises” is, of course, perfection!

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