Monday, November 11, 2002

Show log by Paul Dintino of New Jersey

Hour 1:
Flashbacks: R.C. Collins has got a caller all mad because he slugged a woman who bumped into him. David comes on to yell at Phil for disrespecting our veterans and tells him to stop! Lloyd and R.C. Come on to talk about women getting infected with VDs and infect Iraqi soldiers. Lloyd has a problem with his wife having to go to the bathroom on a long road trip.

Hour 2:
R.C. Collins is back to tell about his Bin Laden Face tattoo. Margaret and Lloyd come on to sing about raising money to assassinate Yasir Arafat in this classic flashback. David contributes. R.C. gets to “Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter” in another classic! Lloyd heard a woman in a post office order hot dogs on Memorial Day. He’s pissed.

Hour 3:
Phil talks Soprano’s – Ralfy is dead. Phil takes a call from a guy who’s pissed at him that he’s into the U.S. going to war. Phil talks about Thanksgiving and plays some songs.

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