Steve Bosell laughed when he heard that Michelle Obama was booed at a NASCAR event on Sunday. Well, that was all Steve’s politically correct and progressively indoctrinated daughter April Jr. needed to hear. She reported Steve to her teacher and to her principal, the mysterious “Erica Dorton.” With Dorton calling at night and breathing into the phone and the kids in April Jr.’s class going Hitler Youth on him, Steve’s in a real heap!

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  • paddyandpeanut

    lol, "whisper up a chimp"

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    yeah quit muting the show. seems like you are doing it more than ever. don't even have a video cast if you can't dish it out…

  • Avatar

    they made me look like a FOO!!!!

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    phil and ian was by far best of Monday show. Phil was inspired or somrthing…

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    Phil T.V. : All the good stuff was muted, Don't waste you're bandwidth. Streaming was great. Very funny. I'm sure some one soon will out do the Phil's T.V. show. Cant come to soon for me! I liked the show and watched the video until he started muting. But that's just my prediction. And I hope its not true!

  • itzmoe7

    So happy to hear from Ian! Haven't heard from him in a while. Love him!

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    Q: Is Steve Bosell a racist?

    A: Yes, and he's a dumb-ass, and he's one of my favorite characters!

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