Dr. Jim Sadler talked with Phil about the longevity of certain people and why they live so long. Dr. Sadler’s mother lived to be 98 because, in his words, she was “a dirty, rotten, selfish, two bit……” (He trailed off)

He also mentioned to Phil the topic of sleep and Phil’s ongoing insomnia. The doc said sleep is “overrated” and that he heard of a guy who stayed awake for 7 days and he was just fine. A boiler the guy maintained blew up and destroyed a whole quarter of an amusement park he worked for but “no one died or was injured.”

General Shaw and the rest of the panel jumped all over Bud for his annual Bird Day tradition of “smoking a bag of weed and watching the ‘Wizard of Oz’ while listening to “Dark Side of the Moon.’

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  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    We have a new character: General Gayland Johnson Jameson Shaw

  • Alex

    Sorry for the delay, all. More upload troubles. It’s posted now.

    We’ve got a ticket open with Amazon and our ISP to see what the issue is.

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    Andrew Stahmer



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    Robert Schroth

    Yeah, where’s the videocast… please?

  • Michael John
    Michael John

    No videocast..?

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