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Monday, November 26, 2018

Radio consultant Tom Dovka is back with unsolicited advice for Phils show. Someone sent Steve Bosell a rude meme and now he’s obsessing about his life d*ck again. Bobbie and Steve Dooley explain their idea for a “Thanks-taking” holiday.

The BSP Classic Hour is from May 2002. Jay Santos is calling in bomb threats and reports of molesters to gauge how law enforcement is responding, because Bush dropped the ball. Jay refers to “Butt, Montana”.

Episode 1297 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Barbara

    Your “Tom Dovka” schtick was not worthy of your talent. Leave the gutter stuff for the has-beens of comedy. You’re better than that.

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      Don MacDonald

      Seriously? I thought it was hilarious.

    • Avatar

      Dovka was fucking hilarious you mongoloid.

    • TwiceRemoved77


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    Don MacDonald

    Phil, I really commend you for your compassion for animals and the way you care for Thunder and Brea. I’ve heard you talking about the 14 year old shih tzu across the street from you and the neglect on the part of the absentee owner of the dog. I see people like this who treat their animals with such apathy and it totally pisses me off too. You said this dog had fleas and that right there is gross neglect. I can totally see you adopting this little guy if you were given the opportunity to do so otherwise if I were you, I’d contact ASPCA or another comparable animal welfare organization because this owner isn’t giving her pet the proper care he deserves. Take care Phil.

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