Hour 1: Phil talks about Tiger Woods, Mike Huckabee, and other topics. 4 officers are shot in Lakewood, Washington.

Hour 2: Margaret Grey is on to discuss Tiger Woods’ car accident. She says Tiger is half white and half black which makes him more reputable to white women. His girlfriend assaulted Tiger because she is Swedish and can’t relate to a black man. She treats him like a suspect on one of television crime shows.

Hour 3: Steve Bosell comes on to talk about the South Park episode where they do the bit called Kick a Ginger day. They encourage kids to beat up kids with red hair. Steve said it’s okay for his kids, not to beat them up, but to kick them in the butt because it’s funny and it doesn’t hurt. He says that kids with red hair and blond eye lashes are freaks and the natural instinct is to defend yourself against someone who is different.

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    Emilio Power

    Edit to above. Hour 2 is Magaret gray
    Tiger woods attacked by wife because she doesn’t know how to deal with African American men

    Hour 3 is Bosell and kick a ginger day

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    Emilio Power

    Hour 1 Phil does news topics..tiger woods doesn’t want to talk tompolice with 911 call and mike huckabee

    Hour 2 Bosell and kick a ginger day

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