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Monday, November 7, 2005

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Hour 1:

Dr. Jim Sadler is on to discuss his recent visit to a night club called "The Foot Locker." It happens to be a place for people with foot fetishes. Phil reads the news and discusses the story related to the Carolina Cheerleaders who were busted in a bathroom stall for having sex. R.C. Collins calls in to tell Phil that the Carolina Cheerleaders that got caught were Pioneers. He wants to create "Box Lunch Sunday" this way the girls can have fun and not get busted. Phil plays a listener flashback from 10/19/04 called "Lloyd puts razors in apples for Halloween." Doug Danger is on with Phil to give the Top 10 songs of all time, but he keeps getting interrupted by Phil. Doug continues to struggle but Phil keeps interrupting him.

Hour 2:

Doug Danger gets mad because he gets bumped for Susan Estrich. Susan Estrich calls in and gets into an argument with Phil. They go on an on calling each other liars. Earl Pants Car Talk is on, he is at Hanchos BBQ in Arcadia. He will not eat their food, he gets sick when he does. Phil discusses mice problems in old apartments. They stink when they die, but Phil thinks a good cat will do the trick.

Hour 3:

Vernon Dozier doesn't say "I love you" to his wife on the phone because he fears that other coaches will think he is saying to another guy. Callers think Vernon is an idiot and say he should not be embarrassed for telling his wife he loves her.


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