Phil Only Monday! Listen for Phil’s gems of wisdom as he tells you how to do it good!

Episode 497 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    victor maceo

    the Aviator one my favorite movies, not necessarily for the acting, but the insight on how H Hughs OCD went unchecked because of his almost unlimited funds, money, through women, costs of movies, OCD planes, OCD everything great show

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    Paul Girolamo

    Amazing episode. It gave me much to ponder. Very true and moving.

  • Dean Anderson
    Dean Anderson

    Keep it going like Mondays

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    Thomas Wallin

    I’d be sorry if this were the last solo broadcast. It’s brilliant radio. Face it, Phil, you’re an interesting guy!

  • Tom Tatham
    Tom Tatham

    Please keep doing the Phil-only Mondays! I still think that banter and random conversation are the best! You split my sides, open my eyes, and keep me captivated because we never know where it’s going. You recounting stories has to be some of the best airtime around!

    See you at Big Daddy O’s amigo!

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    I look forward to the Monday show, hope you keep it going for awhile!

  • dennis

    Your example of the chef becoming a restaurant owner reminds me of the book “the Peter Principle” which says we keep advancing until we finally hit our own level of incompetence. (or something like that)

    In my humble opinion, happiness is just being distracted enough from the fact that our bodies are decaying and we will soon cease to exist…forever.

    But, I could be wrong.

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    Herb Sewell

    “I can sit down , and yet I cant sit down” Al and Frank Cordover, Siamese twins attached at the hips,, one is gay, the other,, not….. comedy gold

  • Anthony Booth
    Anthony Booth

    Hell of a show today Phil, wasn’t really digging the Monday format until today’s show. Can’t say I fully agree with the “do what your good at not what makes you happy philosophy”, but the not quitting rant really hit home.

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    Joe Stall

    Thanks Phil. This weekend I read about a guy who put a Glock 17 to his head, but then he thought about RC, Lloyd, Bobbie, Steve, and the Lions and was laughing so hard that he shit his pants. Thanks for putting shit into perspective. Last night a D.J. made a guy mess his pants.

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      Thanks Joe..that ain’t far from it!!

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    Trevor Johnson

    Phil Only was a great show and I hope it continues. Thanks for the honesty. The character shows are amazing, but this is something different and insightful.

  • kevin niren
    kevin niren

    Hey Phil..This has nothing to do with todays show…but I just listened to one of the funniest bits EVER..The date 9-6-2001 HOUR 2..Dozier and Wheeler debating marrige and football. It was perfect and smooth, the callers were great.. so funny Phil..If fans of Hendrie new or old have never heard this …ITS A MUST LISTEN…This bit is in my top 10 of all time…Phil go back and listen..I promise even you will get a kick out of it..THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS YOU FUNNY FUCKER 🙂

    • dennis

      I found it and listened. You were correct!

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    Honesty, that was the best ‘Phil talking’ or ‘Phil rants’ (not really a rant though) !!! Thanks for opening up and sharing with your fans Phil!

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    Thanks Phil. This weekend I put a Glock 17 to my head and then I thought about RC, Lloyd, Bobbie, Steve, and the Lions. Thanks for putting Shit into perspective. Last night a D.J. saved my life…

    • Van Nostrand
      Van Nostrand

      Popping caps in your hood? Cause your head’s in the hood.

      Phil’s material will resonant throughout history, even Balzac and Tocqueville listen to Phil.

  • pixel traveller
    pixel traveller

    This was an incredible show, I’m an artist and this was a much needed pep talk. I do hope it won’t be the last one *_*

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