Steve Bosell and Bud Dickman recap the Sunday Game of the Week, commenting on the wearing of pink by NFL players in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and how it may make some quarterbacks targets…. Also Steve talks about dealing with someone who mistook him saying “Lickity-split” for a reference to spitting on his hands before “working it in…” RC Collins talked about computer hackers and how Phil changing his identity may involve “getting a vagina installed” and changing his name to Barbara.

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  • Susan Chapman-Jones

    Thank you, Phil, for the Lou Reed tribute. It made me tear up.

  • Susan Chapman-Jones

    However, 2nd and 3rd hour of downloading are fine. (I never stream because the visual stuff gives me a headache.) If you intend only to listen, downloading works fine.

  • Susan Chapman-Jones

    Phil Darling, do what you have to do. Even if you have to get a vagina installation and move into an underground bunker, you will never be forgotten. Rest assured, that your fans will find you (presumably broadcasting under a female alias, from a secret location) and will remain loyal.
    BTW I was delighted that RC Collins and Watson were back this week. I’ve missed them.

  • david bell

    2nd and 3rd hour of streaming are the same.

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