Hour 1:

Gaylan Hall is on with Phil. He tells Phil that he takes pictures of 5-10 year olds girls as a hobby. Callers believe Gaylan is a pervert and one step away from being a molester.

Hour 2:

Dave Oliva is on because he watches horror movies as a training tool, to become part of the L.A.P.D. Listeners believe that Dave lacks maturity and should never become part of the L.A.P.D.

Hour 3:

Chris Norton comes on with Phil to discuss the picture of Sara Shahi on the Phil Hendrie Website. He asks Phil if he thinks he can turn lesbians straight. Vernon Dozier calls in mad at Phil. Phil made fun of dairy workers, so he has a petting zone.

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    Mark Dobos

    Here we go. Dave Oliva Baby! Ha! Ha! Ha! Classic Latino punk… Another Big Baby Work Of Art. And the callers fall for it…Amazing how all these characters fit right into these skits…And they never age…

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