Tonight Brass Villenuava of Los Malos, an “empowerment” organization for “young Latin males” argued for government assistance to the Oakland Raiders because “it’s the only team that the Mexican community has. The Raiders have been bad for so long I may not want to live here anymore.”

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police was concerned about a class action lawsuit against the Florida Highway Patrol for ticketing a man who blinked his brights to warn other motorists about the presence of police. Jay: “These kinds of guys are real chump change. They prolly’ had a run in with police once that really hurt their feelings and now they’re trying too get back at ’em like real chump change.”

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  • philisgodlike

    O' god YES, He follows them til THEY pull over….. had to pause it to breath

  • philisgodlike

    Gettcher cookies

  • knifechase666

    … and every comment sittle makes is indicative of a cunt …

  • mileshedgehog

    I love the concept of Jay Santos becoming a rogue CAP officer — doing speed, drinking on the job , tazing people almost like a CAP version of Denzel Washington in Training Day.

  • sittle

    Benny…. the crickets are indicative of the show's quality….

  • bob911

    I laughed so hard . Great show Phil!

  • Bennyjam

    It seems that Jay Santos, recently, has become more reckless than ever. I think he might be going through some kind of personal crisis. He’s pulling people over, even though he doesn’t call it pulling them over, and tazing people. WTF? Oh I see he’s doing crank so he can stay up at night. Maybe he should take Dynapep Thank for featuring some good tazer material this week Phil!

    BTW… just crickets in here….

  • Bennyjam

    “She may have a restraining order on me, but I’m as free as a bird!”
    -Jay Santos-

  • Bennyjam

    Happy to see Brass is back!

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