Tonight Dr. Ron Tarner and Dr. Jim Sadler try and explain some delicate question regarding human nature and wind up being brutally sidetracked by the panel…

Doug Dannger comes on to talk Emmy’s and whether or not a black person can “go in the closet…” And Ted Bell and Steve Bosell recap the weekends football action including their analysis of the Colt-49er game they broadcast and destroyed…..

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    Never had a flu shot, not even as a kid, and I’ve never had the flu. Safe to say I’ll never have one either. You probably don’t need it either Phil. And we aren’t against it because we’re afraid of needles, we just know it’s absolutely pointless..

  • stephen steinbach
    stephen steinbach

    great show!!!! BSP favorate

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    John Pace

    Hilarious bit with Dr. Sadler!

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