Hour 1:

Bobbie Dooley is fining homeowners in her HOA that are not flying a large enough flag. At 20:34 Phil lets caller Mindy off the hook mentioning he does all the voices. Phil says the last thing we need is hysterical people sending out e-mails. Phil talks to callers.

Hour 2:

FIRST HALF. RC Collins claims he saw Osama bin Laden at a Blockbuster in Van Nuys renting a movie and buying Jujubes. SECOND HALF. Phil comments on the 9/11 events, talks with callers about whether events should be canceled.

Hour 3:

FIRST HALF. Chris Norton says women are not patriotic because his candlelight dinner NYPD fundraiser. He did get bids but the women were not good-looking enough. SECOND HALF. Flashback of 2001-03-21c CBI. Phil talks about synthetic rubber and 9/11 events.

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    I can’t tell you how happy I was when Phil returned to comedy. Esp with hot bits like these. It was a good day.

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    I agree, but replace the name Laura with the name
    David,.the actual twat..

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    How can I leave a thumbs up? RC Collins saying he say Osama Bin Ladin in Blockbuster.
    This was literally the first time I laughed after 9/11! It was awesome! That you so much, Phil! You don’t know how much I needed to laugh.
    I was irritable too after the worst day of my life. I know why you were impatient with the stupidity of the callers after this bit.You were nice to the normal people, though. And seriously, Phil! You have really been somehow helpful. I appreciate your respectful shows since to remember this horrible event ever since.
    Our kids just have vague memories of Mommy frozen in front of the TV for hours and crying. I remember my 2 1/2 year old asking, “Mommy, why crying?”
    “The planes crashed into the buildings” is all I could say. I went to Univision for a second that televised the people jumping to their deaths. Daddy made me change back to the US channels because he didn’t want his toddler seeing that. So back to the plane crashing over and over and over. My little guy would make this fake crying saying, “oh no! The plane crashed into the building!” He does claims he remembers me crying all night.
    Fast-forward to 2016. My 1999 born son came home from school and asked, “Mom, would it be ok with you if I get a “Make America great again T-shirt?” A bit surprised, I let him know that freedom of speech is a Constitutional right, for political speech if nothing else. He never got that T-shirt, but from that day forward he was a dedicated Trump supporter. Excuse me, Democrats, but he was engaged in current events. And would want to discuss it every day. I had disagreements and let him know why. Hillary gave me decades of reasons not to like her. But no! She has the right to keep her medical records private whether it was PNA, a stroke, or she was just drunk off her ass.
    California had ballot issues I cared about! Recreational cannabis legalized? I could deal with Hillary moving into the White House 🙂
    Never imagined the presidential election would actually piss everyone off AFTER the election.
    Well, chill out before Thanksgiving people! At least wait until that pie is served with some hot coffee! And just say, goodnight and thanks! See you on Christmas!

    I called up once years later when a character took you to task for your lack of Jewish characters. I guess I forgot this wasn’t real life. Your guy answered and I asked him, “Isn’t Harvey Wireman Jewish?” after you’d gone to commercial. He was pretty cheerful and said, “I don’t know!” Then I realized I was a total idiot! LOL

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      Jesus christ, you sound like a twat. Phil, if you ever get an email from a “Laura”, I’d just delete it without even opening it. She sounds like a loony.

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