Hour 1:

“The Gift of Pride” Colleen Kristen Brewster explains why she charged her housekeeper $20 for a ride home during the transit strike. Phil talks about his “DJ ear” and his son riding the train alone.

Hour 2:

Used tire shop owner Brad Rifkin is selling used Firestone tires to low income mexican families, he warns that he will turn them in to the INS if they complain. Korean war veteran Lloyd Bonifide fears his wife is possessed after watching the Exorcist.

Hour 3:

Bobbie Dooley explains why she sent back her neighbors new furniture and redesigned their home. Phil talks about the vet who shot up a bar because of his “Gay name”, Dave Oliva chimes in.

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  • Avatar

    TELL THE LESBIANS BOB GREEN IS COMING, AND HELL FOLLOWS! Birth of a genius line here in this episode!

  • Shaun

    OMG!!!! Lloyd doesn’t think Catholics will help him and his wife because they’re SDA or Seventh Day Adventist!!!! I never knew Lloyd was SDA!!!! Greatest Bit Ever!!!! LONG LIVE LLOYD!!!!

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