Hour 1: Best of from July 28, 2009.

Hour 2: Best of from February 2009. Phil talks about kids going on vacation on spring break. A Lune Alert. Michael Tracey claims police brutality after an Ann Coulter event. There’s a story about Octomom being offered a part in a porn movie. The world according to with Steve Bosell. He has several subjects to talk about. First he says that he is a recovering alcoholic and he doesn’t like it with his crew drinks on the job and leaves bottles laying around especially Mambo Malt Liquor. A woman gets breast implants and now has really huge breasts, but Steve can’t say the word boob. Then he talks about Miley Cyrus. At the end of the hour there is a Dr. Greenthumb report.

Hour 3: Best of from July 2008. Pastor Rennick comes on the program to tell a story about Oliver Stone coming to his church wanting to shoot a scene for a movie. The Pastor won’t let him do it because Mr. Stone won’t pay him enough money. Turns out it wasn’t Oliver Stone. Phil takes a phone call. He talks about Hamas and Iraq. A french couple is arrested for making a porn movie at the Canadian War Memorial.

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