Tonight it was Larry Grover discussing what a mess George Zimmerman is and Deanne Wheeler advocates on behalf of little people…and makes a mess of it…..

Phil also expounded during the pre-show on the demise of TRN, his former syndicator.

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  • Charles Parker
    Charles Parker

    I think I enjoyed the show during commercial breaks as much as the rest of it. Thanks for leaving the audio on and just being yourself. Definitely makes me feel truly backstage

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    P. Allgood

    Roger, why not just listen to someone else then?

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    Donald Guill

    Hey Phil keep up the good work.Keep the laughs coming!

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    Eric Cioffi

    I just started it Roger, I hope I can enjoy what I am about to listen to.

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    Joshua Caudle

    I got an error code when I try to watch the videocast saying no playable video found 🙁

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    timothy markus

    f u pope twice removed

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    Roger Bishop

    Nope…, I guess Phil just cannot help himself.
    I guess I’ll be taking my “foul” conservative cash somewhere else, less I offend Phil’s sensibilities.

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    Roger Bishop

    I’m about to listen to Monday night’s show. I hope Phil will be restraining his bashing of conservatives. It is getting very old and very gratuitous.

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