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    Great show; we want more!

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    I would watch that crap instead of my usual crap for sure mr.hendrie

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    Why wont this video play for me?

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      I’ll check. It’s probably the iOS problem we had and are correcting when it comes up. In the future, email customer service because you’ll get eyes on your email sooner

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    Marc Duran

    That was undeniable and unadulterated WIN!

    This would have been pure oxygen as opposed to the methane that is current television broadcasting.

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    I finally took a look at this. Was mightily impressed. Phil, you seemed so comfortable. The cast was impressive, and the writing was really good, was especially for a new show. Our loss; our gain. You really are a talent, Buddy.

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    Oh wow, I can hear that the music to the show was from the Puerto Rican band Puya! I saw them in 1999 at the Sno-Core festival with Mr. Bungle and System of a Down. They kicked ass. It's too bad they broke up.

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    Wow, a good show. A lot of big time TV stars, a really strong cast and Phil is the perfect centerpiece for the show. I'm surprised it didn't get picked up, but then again my favorite show on FOX was the Ben Stiller show and that only lasted 13 episodes…

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    Phil you need to bring this back. Love it.

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    You shoulda been big, man.

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    Very funny Phil. I would like to see this show on Fox someday!!

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