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Phil’s Made-Up Movie: December 25, 2018 – “The Killer Shrews”

Phil creates the dialogue for the 1959 film “The Killer Shrews.”

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    Dorian Hight

    Thanks 🙏 for the dope Christmas gift…this hilarious!!

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    Dan Green

    Excellent. Funny as hell. Thank you.

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    I loved it! Thanks Phil, extremely well done.

  • Darren Webb
    Darren Webb

    River rat here
    This was the bess!!!
    So great!!!

  • Darren Webb
    Darren Webb

    I was having such a shitty Christmas. Up n till now that is

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  • Anderson

    This was Hilarious! I hope you do more of them. Thank you, Phil.

  • eaglecoyote

    Just when I thought you couldn’t out do yourself you did!
    Great job Phil!

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    Definitely do more of these! Hilarious!

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    Great way to put a wrap on Christmas?
    Yeah! Thank you

  • Brin McLaughlin
    Brin McLaughlin

    Ridiculous and wonderful. Thank you, Phil! Merry Christmas!

  • Phil Hendrie
    Phil Hendrie

    Thanks. But as it was an unrehearsed, first run I wanted to see how to actually do it.

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      Don MacDonald

      I like what you did irrespective and thank you again.

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    Don MacDonald

    Thank you Phil and I like the concept but I think the format would be better if you had your characters (Steve Boswell, Dean Wheeler, Mavis Leonard, Bobbie Dooley, etc.) doing the voices of the actors in the movies.

    • Rory MacLeod
      Rory MacLeod

      I agree, although it would be more difficult to do, I would imagine.

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