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Phil’s Made-Up Movie: December 29, 2018 – “House on Haunted Hill”

Phil literally ad libs the dialogue for some Hollywood movie. This week: “House on Haunted Hill.”

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    Robb Shecter

    Freakin’ +++

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    Dan Green

    not to be some big fanboy or anything but the prolific quick-wittedness and comedic mind that went into this is pretty remarkable

  • gangle

    The people responding are not playing with a full deck, including me.

  • Robert Dunmire
    Robert Dunmire

    Killer Shrews was insanely AWESOME! Do some more.

  • Quentin

    “Hey, you…”

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    Gary Harper

    I haven’t watched this yet.. but the format is right… in a major way…Killer Shrews totally worked even though it was the first. Phil Hendrie has a conscious link to the unconscious mind.

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    Dorian Hight

    Phil…you killed that ending. The human remains Pilsner! “So I can keep it mmmmyyyyyssseeelllllfffff!”. FIN. Hilarious doggie.

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