Dr. Ed Elcott visits the “manurerey” at the Elcott Retreat in Palm Springs and basically sits in a vat of shit. He shows actual video of that and other spits he visited.

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  • Justin

    Elcott is amazing, Phil. Love these. Can’t wait to get levelled.

  • Avatar

    If I hear Elcott, I want to hear Beans and the Taser….. 🙂

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Love this more than the regular show, sick of the General and Margaret.

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    Steven Burgess

    What’s the point of thanking Phil for not posting “Best Of” episodes during the holidays?
    It doesn’t seem to bother some folks when he does that for something like 100 days throughout the year.
    Pucker up and give him a fat, wet ass kiss for the 30 minute episodes he’s been cranking out regularly as well.

  • Robert White
    Robert White

    I love the Elcott episodes. The general satire of weird religions and the added touch of sci-fi amuses me to no end.

  • Larry Richardson
    Larry Richardson

    I agree with those who don’t like the Elcott bits. When I see that Elcott will be on I don’t download. Sorry Phil but I think Elcott should be given a rest for a while.

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    Joe Stall

    I know you guys and gals are having a good time, especially since your web site shows “Satuday”, so I know the alcohol is still working…..LOL…

  • P. Allgood
    P. Allgood

    Phil, it was nice to view and listen to new material! You could have easily just gone with “Best Ofs,” but these episodes are bonuses! Thank you.

  • Cari Cartmill
    Cari Cartmill

    My 2cents thrown in are- More Bob Bacon & Reg Crew…I rely on Bacon’s Traffic Reports To Show Me the Way…that is all.

  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    Dr. Elcott is sure getting away with murder by dissing Jerry to no end – up to and including the comment that all Jerry has to do all day is grease up. Usually, Dr. Elcott would have been zapped to atomic levels by the Overlords. There must be some safety offered by the Elcott Retreat.

    I think this is all going to come back to haunt the Dr. when he gets back to Wampa.

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    Brian Muster

    All hail elcott I ain’t on drugs no more

  • Avatar

    thank you phil for posting these during the holidays … instead of putting together a ‘best-of’!! All Hail Elcott!!!

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    Mark McAuley

    I have to say, I dont like the elcott episodes either, I dont even bother downloading them

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    Another Elcott episode? Goddammit! Sucks!

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